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Christmas Video Tips

By December 21, 2010 No Comments

Merry Christmas from!

Shooting video at home this holiday season? Use these 3 easy steps to make your Christmas home movies merry and bright!

1. Follow the Light

Always make sure you turn on the lights and open the blinds. There’s nothing worse than recording great memories on video and then not being able to see them because it’s too dark. The room may look perfectly well lit to your eye, but your camcorder will tend to disagree. Try not to use the “gain” setting on your camera or other ways of brightening your video electronically, as this will increase light at the expense of picture quality. Give yourself as much light in the room as possible to make your Christmas memories colorful and bright.

2. Try a Tripod

Always use a tripod, even for Christmas videos. No matter how great the content is, nobody enjoys watching a shaky home movie. An inexpensive tripod will not only give your shots stability and smoothness, but it will also give your arm a rest! You could even set up the tripod in an unobtrusive area and capture the whole morning without constantly having to attend to the camera. If you’re creative, you could take that footage, speed it up in your computer’s editing program, and make a fun time lapse video!

3. Sounds Good

If possible, don’t use your camcorder’s onboard microphone for sound recording. Consumer camcorder mics tend to be omnidirectional (pickup sound from every direction), which means they pick up a lot of noise you don’t want in your video. The hum of a refrigerator or the buzz of a fan may be imperceptible to our trained ears, but even a little background noise can ruin your holiday video. The best way to ensure great sound in your videos is to buy a quality external microphone, which can be found for less than $100. If an external mic isn’t an option, get as close to your subject as possible to help your camera record just the audio you want.

Happy shooting and have a great Christmas!